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hey there! i'm


I grew up with a perspective of creativity that said, “you either have it or you don’t.” But as I’ve explored art and design in both academic environments and daily life, I’ve come to understand that creativity is a part of every person that is waiting to be tapped into. I am a lover of adventure, new experiences, and facing a challenge. I seek to find meaning in the things I create and I hope to experience and inspire joy through my work.


As a developing designer, I’ve formed a style that is often clean, simple, and minimal. My designs usually include some form of hand-made quality, whether through calligraphy, watercolor, or pencil sketches. I love the idea of combining physical qualities of art and daily life with digital design to emphasize the connection between working with my hands and letting that work inspire my designs.


My goal as a designer is to create designs that bring meaning to my creativity and inspire others to do the same. I hope to convey a message that the viewer can feel and draw beauty out of the ordinary.

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