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here goes...

Some part of me has always loved being creative—I always looked forward to art class and I never minded getting a little messy.

It took me some years of learning basic art skills in college, quite a few hard critiques in graphic design classes, (not to mention the tears and all-nighters), some inspiring artists' encouragement, and a leap of faith to settle into the idea that this love of creativity could actually be the starting point for my journey into a design career. So my name is MG and I am a creative, hence the name MG Creative :)

Another part of me has always loved a good story— Silly? Sad? Who is the hero? Who is the villain? And what's the moral of the story?

I've learned that before a piece of art or a design can really be good, the concept (usually) has to be there first. Whether or not I know it from the start, there is always a meaning to be drawn from the visuals that I come up with. It could be the colors that convey a feeling, a playful illustration that draws the audience in, the type that conveys a certain style and mood, or an image that invites you into the scene. This is where design really gets fun!

This idea of storytelling is what brings me to write this little "blog", or as I'd like to call it—Stories.

As I operate under MG Creative, I want to be dreaming and creating ideas, concepts and designs that tell stories. Whether a small business, a law firm, a ministry or a wedding invitation, there is a unique story behind the creation and operation of the organization, and I want to help you tell it.

Here is where I hope to share the stories behind what I'm creating and in doing so, also tell the story of my design journey!

oh, and that little kid up there is me, learning to get my hands in the paint and just go for it. woohoo!


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